Origin of the robiols.

There are different theories, but it is quite possible that robiols originated in Italy. It seems that a type of cheese, Robiols, was in fashion in the Italian Renaissance courts, and the similarity between the two words is obvious. Robiols are filled with fresh cheese (ricotta), although they can also be filled with jam or angel’s hair.

In addition, the shape of robiols is very similar to that of ravioli, so it seems logical to think that the original word evolved over time and became more Mallorcan.

Nowadays, they are called either rubiols or robiols, but either way, they are a kind of “crest” and are made both sweet and savoury. They are usually baked in the oven, but sometimes they are fried in very hot oil.

In Mallorca, robiols and crespells are eaten all year round, but it is at Easter, specifically on Easter Sunday, when they are usually eaten as a dessert after fried lamb and pies.

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