Ways to be sustainable when you travel to Mallorca

Do you know that even if you don’t consume your home, it still uses energy? This can be avoided by taking a series of measures, so you can enjoy your holiday knowing that you will not pay more for consumption that you do not make. In this article we tell you what you can do and the importance of contracting rates that are suitable for your needs

Paying fairly for consumption

If you want to save while you’re away, the first thing you need to do is find a rate that suits your needs. To do this, you can use a light and gas comparator, which will show you the best offers for your supply. It will show you all the suppliers and their prices. If you have any doubts, you can contact the customer service of EDP, Endesa, Holaluz, Podo or the corresponding company. Please note that this service has multiple channels, EDP customer service or other can be by phone, online and many in person. Without a doubt, the online version of EDP’s customer service and the rest of the marketers solve the issues quickly.

Tips to be sustainable when we go on holiday and during the holiday

So you’re wondering what to do when we go on holiday? Here are two ideas you can take away with you next time you go out with your bags:


  • All power strips off: if you are one of those who fight the stand by with power strips, make sure you turn them off before you leave on your trip. The TV and other such devices must be switched off to end the ghost consumption they generate, which is reflected in our annual bill.
  • Unplug powerful appliances: you should also consider (depending on how long your holiday is) whether to unplug appliances such as the fridge, which consumes 24 hours a day without exception.


On the other hand, it is also possible to contribute to the sustainability of the planet wherever we are resting with these tips, in particular these can be applied to Mallorca:


  • Take a bicycle and tour the islands: one form of ecological tourism is to rent a bicycle (or an electric motorbike) and get to know the Balearic Islands in the saddle. It is non-polluting and allows you to be autonomous.
  • Recycle: being on holiday cannot be an excuse to forget your commitment to the environment. Don’t forget to recycle and not to leave rubbish in the places you visit.
  • Go local: buying and consuming in local businesses generates energy savings in transport that we are not aware of. Moreover, it is a way to discover and get closer to the culture of the place, while developing the local economy.
  • Conscious consumption of lights and air conditioning. It’s OK that you have already paid for their consumption, but it’s not right to abuse the lights or air conditioning in your accommodation. At least do it for the planet.
  • Save paper with boarding passes. All airlines allow you to present your tickets digitally, so it’s a good alternative to save paper even on holiday.

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