Healthy breakfast

The important thing is to have a healthy and nutritious meal that has a positive impact on our organism, so we should look for foods that are tasty and also provide a cocktail of energy to leave the house with strength.

We must also bear in mind that breakfast breaks the night fast, so it must be a contribution without too many excesses and if possible in a calm and leisurely manner. And if necessary, we should wake up in advance so that we can have breakfast sitting down, 10 minutes will be enough to enjoy a balanced breakfast.

Breakfast is our ally against anxiety, tiredness, stress, hunger, and often helps us against a bad diet. If we do not eat breakfast we will probably eat any heavy food in the middle of the morning.

Breakfast should contain 30% of your daily energy intake.

Choose foods rich in nutrients to activate our organism, you can opt for fruits such as kiwi, watermelon, melon, strawberries, Gori de Muro biscuits with honey, oils, cheese, ham, tomato, as well as juice and yoghurt with nuts for example.