For snacking, snacking between meals or for dinner

Serve with sobrassada, black pudding, pâté, cheese, jam, chocolate …

It creates salmon covers,
sobrassada with honey, olivada…

Or combine as you like, sweet or savory.
You have a thousand possibilities.

Vieira, camaiot, stew puree, acceptunas rellenas and hinojo marino.
Carlos Abad. Tirso Restaurant (Palma).

Tártaro de camarão na Marinera Clásica.
Magí Soler. Show Cooking Gori Cookies de Muro Miami Beach Club.

Slice of mango in Gori de Muro biscuit with goat cheese and tempura shrimp.

Piglet on a rosemary boat.
Can Pintxo. Sóller.

Rosemary Sea Biscuit with Brie de Meaux cheese and raspberry jam with fried corn powder
Saglà cheese factory. Santa Catalina Market (Palma).

Classic Seafood Biscuit with salmon marinated in sweet herbs, cherry tomato jam, avocado cream, radish and kiwi sphere.
Carlos Abad. Tirso Restaurant (Palma).

Blue cheese with soya shoots on Gori de Muro biscuit.
Saglà cheese factory. Santa Catalina Market (Palma).

Squid stuffed with raisins, pine nuts and spinach with red pepper jam and aioli in super ink.
Margarita Andreu. Es Recó Restaurant in Son Ferriol.

Black pudding with caramelized apple on spicy seafood biscuit.
Rafael de Sano. Tavernette of sa Pobla.

Smoked cod with olive oil, toasted pepper and baked aubergine on a classic marinera.
Can Bernat Frying and Seafood Restaurant. Wall.

Chicken ‘hand’ with cream on a classic seafood cookie.
Tomeu Martí. Show Cooking Gori Cookies from Muro Miami Beach Club.

Special traditional biscuit tapas, aubergine poxada, sour pomegranate sauce, candied piglet (80graus 12 hours), roasted apple puree and healthy dehydrated crust (24h 65graus). All your !!!

Pumpkin cream with tomato paste, tangerine skin, sun-dried tomatoes and Iberian ham.
Tirso Restaurant.

Cheek stew with crushed tomato, avocado, red onion confit with Haritz.
Tirso Restaurant.

Tuna flavoured with pink and orange pepper, with millet and kimchi salad, chives gel and port wine reduction on a sea biscuit.
Tirso Restaurant.

Seafood cookie with foie and blood glace explosion by chef Kiko Martorell.
Restaurant Can boquilla de Soller.

Vegetable and squid coke with Gori Cookies from Muro Marinera.
Tomeu Arbona Figuerola signature tapas. Fornet de La Soca.

Black piglet with grouper and St. John’s pear.
Tomeu Arbona Figuerola from the Fornet de La Soca the last Show Cooking

Wholemeal seafood biscuit with tomato compote and caramelised cheese sausage
prepared by the chef Andreu Genestra of the Aromata Restaurant

Balfegó bluefin tuna ceviche accompanied by soft wall Gori cookies.
Chef Kiko Martorell from Can Boqueta Restaurant

Rosemary wall gori biscuit. 2. 3. Mallorcan cheese cubes. 1/2 chilli.
Chef Maria Salinas of the restaurant Maria Salinas.

Classic seafood cookie with apricot-wrapped pork.
Miquel Caliente

Classic seafood biscuit with cod, borrida and capers.
Miquel Caliente

Classic seafood cookie with ratatouille, smoked sardines and cubes of soft cheese.
Koldo Royo