Caracoles con “all i oli”.

Who hasn’t heard of “all i oli” with “all i oli”? although you may have read it in many different ways, such as: alioli, alioli, alioli. The name has been Spanishified, but I can tell you that the origin of the name comes from the Catalan, or Mallorcan “ay y aceite”.

Garlic and oil means “all i oli”, which are the original ingredients of alioli sauce.

Nowadays you can find supposed allioli sauces that include potato, mayonnaise, egg, milk … and looking to make a smoother, more delicate and … tasteless. What has come to be used to recreate this exquisite sauce, without which the screws are orphaned!

It is true that in other areas of Spain it is known by other names such as ajolio, alioli or alioli … but in Mallorca it is called “ai y aceite”.

To make the aioli sauce in the past, the peeled garlic was minced with salt in a mortar and pestle, and the olive oil was added little by little as the guapa was stirred in an encircling motion, avoiding cutting it, until a homogeneous yellow paste was obtained, with a delicious aroma of olive oil and a strong garlic flavour. Nowadays you will only find this sauce prepared according to the traditional recipe in private homes where the cook is a bit of a sybarite. In the vast majority of restaurants, it is usually a substitute, something similar to a garlic mayonnaise.